Exploring social CRM in more depth, part 2

Yesterday, we started to take a look at some of the different ways in which the social media process can be improved and perfected. A lot of yesterday's focus was on the pre-management and selection of the software, whereas today we're going to look at the management of it.
Engage important customers
Whilst social CRM does indeed help to generate new customers, there are nonetheless always going to be particular brand advocates that regularly mention the products. These people are more likely to get other people to choose the firm, so it's important to get them involved through activities like sending through gift certificates or regularly re-tweeting them.
Respond, fast
One of the key benefits of CRM software is that it allows the company to respond to queries quickly by monitoring social data to look for when the firm is mentioned. It's vital, therefore, for the company to respond as quickly as possible in real-time to any mentions online, whether they're positive or negative.
Monitor online reputations
Another key benefit to social CRM is that it allows the firm to monitor when it is mentioned on relevant industry sites, e.g. when a hotel is mentioned on sites like Trip Advisor.  Staying on top of this data means that the firm can more effectively manage its reputation, and help to work with any customers that have had a bad experience. Making the effort to do this is well worth it: reviews remain a key part of the decision making process for many customers.
Source: Hospitality Technology
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