A number of things to think about when getting your CRM features set up in 2014

With the New Year celebrations now done and dusted, and the plan for the New Year’s Resolutions beginning to fade then now is the perfect time to start considering exactly which CRM system or how to extend your current Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet the growing expansions for 2014 / 2015.
Is there ever a right time to take stock of your business and CRM needs that will improve the way you track interact and support your customers? Well I would argue yes now is the right time as country and global economies begin to grow and the feeling of confidence returns, now is the time to make sure your business processes are set up and ready for the next year.
After spending what is now some 15 years building and implementing CRM systems I have seen bubbles and downturns and more importantly recoveries.  A good well implemented Customer based system and strategy for your business is key regardless if you are a start-up or a well-established organisation.
As technology is always moving forward and the way we all work is changing it is important that your staff and your customers have access to your business in more than one-way.  We saw in the UK that this December (2013) Christmas shopping online for the first time over took high-street and supermarket shopping for present buying and organisation that can deliver through multiple channels will have greater success. 
I’m sure reading this as a business owner you will have no doubt that taking your business forward is a priority for you own personal success, but with years of experience in implementation you probably have lots of questions about how you can use an effective CRM. 
If you don’t already have a CRM application that is set up in your businesses then talk to MyCRM as we can offer a complete solution with email marketing from £50 per user per month which is just £1.66 per day.
But before you do you need to give some thought into what your business needs to achieve with CRM, Marketing, Sales and Support and if you need an online or social presence. Below are a number of key areas to think about.
This is perhaps the most vital modern ability of any CRM software. Just as customers are becoming increasingly reliant on their mobiles in order to browse the web and purchase items, so the companies should also be developing their abilities to manage their sales workload whilst out and about.  The ability to update data on a particular sale in real-time can be hugely beneficial to any firm looking to improve their sales process, and the right CRM system can ensure seamless communication.
Another key characteristic of CRM software is the full integration of social media data. The simple fact is that social media is now ubiquitous, with almost everyone making use of at least one network. Mining this data is therefore almost simple common sense.  It will enable to provide better information about customer likes and dislikes, as well as data on things like when they're most active.
Real, provable feedback
This is a constant in the world of CRM, and will be no less important in 2014. It's vital to ensure that the CRM software is able to genuinely increase sales and revenue - if it does this and can prove it, then it becomes well worth the investment.
Self Service
If you want to trade outside of the standard 9 to 5 and give access to customers to help themselves then you need to make sure the web site service or social media page can support this.
Get a Provider
Finding the Right Solution Provider is also key as there are many different types and the cost can vary, but as an organisation that is looking for fixed costs then it is worth discussing with providers the ability to have a hosted or managed service.
MyCRM provide a dedicated managed CRM service and can offer help and advice on getting you started.  Help you set up Email Marketing campaign and track customer activity.
About MyCRM 
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