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I recently saw this article on Enterprise Apps Today and it made me think about what 2014 means for CRM and more so MyCRM and the App Store and the release of our 2013 managed service.
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CRM as a concept and methodology is an ever changing landscape and it needs to be as technology never standstill long enough for you to catch your breath.
It's a good idea for those of you working on a new CRM system to take a look at what are some of the key trends expected to take place in the sector this year. This article highlights some key areas and it is worth thinking about, especially as how your business might benefit:- 
Smarter CRM
One of the biggest factors expected to take place this year is the advent of smarter systems, capable of both storing more data as well as analysing it more effectively.  As the consumer's browsing habits grow more complex, so the software will need to grow alongside it.
CRM systems have previously evolved much in their own accord.  This year, though, many people are considering it quite likely that future evolutions in the software will be constructed in conjunction with other sales solutions in order to maximise its usefulness.
Contact centre tie-ins
There have previously been questions about why CRM is not integrated more frequently within contact centre environments.  It's anticipated that this will change during 2014, with the unique sales environments looking to further improve their own processes by making use of relevant data from the software.
In the end, CRM progress this year will come down to simple usability.  Is the software easy to use? Does it make the lives of sales staff that much easier?  Does it work on a mobile basis?  If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then the chances are that the software will achieve success.
Go Mobile
We are all working more and changes in working patterns continue and this is where mobility is a key contributor.  You will need to make sure you CRM provider can allow you access for people at home or in the field.  Make sure you can get to important data before a meeting and make sure you have the right information on hand when responding to a support call.
Social Marketing
I have done a number of post of socialising your business and MyCRM have used the likes of Twitter and Facebook to great effect. You might ask is it right for your business, well its definitely worth having a think about as statistics have shown this last December that most Christmas retail was done online so being there can only drive more business.
More Software as a Service
Cloud, Hosted SaaS and even Managed but what do they mean, putting the acronyms and buzzwords aside what all this means is someone has the IT headache and it allows you to get on and run your business, but remember if you’re going down a service route make sure you can get help and advice from the provider on how best to use the software for your business.
I will be posting more about things that are happening and new solution coming from MyCRM
Source: Enterprise Apps Today
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