CRM software – an advantage for the owner of a small Online business

Running a small business is not easy; a fact that rapidly becomes apparent to anyone taking those first tentative steps into the world of commerce. The product or service has to be right and if the enterprise is to succeed, customer service has to be top quality. 

The advent of modern technology has made starting a business easier in some respects. Using the internet and social media it is now possible to quickly gain exposure for a new enterprise, promoting it at a lower cost and much more effectively than in the days of the old advertising techniques. Interaction with and relationship management of customers has also been made easier using modern technology. Knowing how to use these new tools is essential if a business is to thrive in the online world.

Online shopping removes the traditional trader/customer interaction. Trading in a digital marketplace such businesses never meet their clients, as a result customer relationship management (CRM) software has grown in importance, with Cloud based systems growing in popularity.

Such software and automated systems can cope very well with the customer relationship side of running an online business. These systems manage a customer base by tracking and organising it, allowing the user to grow the customer base and hopefully the business.

CRM tools are particularly useful to small business owners as they provide the means to greatly improve an eCommerce store. Customer feedback and tracking of accounts forms one important element of such software. Clients can access advice, make delivery enquiries or complain more easily than ever before, something that most online customers regard as essential. Ignored customer emails to a company can do great harm to its reputation. With access to social media now so common among internet users a customer’s displeasure can immediately be transmitted to the world using Twitter, Facebook, etc. The use of CRM systems can help to avoid such calamities, thereby protecting the integrity and the good name of an online business. 

As we see continued growth in global economies new and intuitive business are beginning to spring up and these new types of businesses are looking for intuitive technology that is easy on easy off and cost effective.

Using a supplier Like MyCRM for your own business needs and requirements is a sensible approach as there is no long term contracts, integrations and email marketing can be built into the monthly user price and all the hardware and software licences are taken care of.

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MyCRM has over 20 years’ experience in helping small to medium sized businesses understand and implement CRM as a technology and CRM as a process.  We can help drive adoption and ROI in businesses and organisations that are implementing a marketing solution through a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics.  You can read our customer testimonials here


MyCRM don’t only provide a managed service but also off a range of product solutions which are off-the-shelf extensions to enhance CRM productivity, along with dedicated support packages to meet business requirements.


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