Which businesses suit which CRM software and which business functions count?

I found this article recently and it reignited thoughts around questions I have been asked so many times through my CRM career.  Business owners that don’t understand or have a tainted view of what a CRM system is always ask why they need it and this article on Destination CRM covers some very good points.

But as I always say, CRM is a much bigger picture and as an organisation you must think about what the end goal or process is as CRM software is great for holding all the information but what is it you really want to achieve.

Let’s look at some examples of how CRM can be used to improve business activity:-

  1. Marketing:

As a business you probably going to want to do some targeted and tracked email marketing, with MyCRM you can do this with integrated eCampaign directly against your data in a single system.

  1. Customer Service

You may as a business want to run Surveys to see how you rate or what your customs are thinking at any one time and these are all CRM activities.

  1. Events

If you an organisation that is running events then a CRM system for you should include MAPS to segment data by region and give visualisation on how to select the best invitees, and you need to make sure that the solution come with an event management tool built in, with MyCRM you can go this with tailored solutions.

It is important to ensure that anyone investing in a new CRM system takes the time to get the right one.  We've previously looked at some of the main reasons to choose a particular set, but today we're going to look at how different businesses should consider the various options.

Cloud or non-cloud?

In the days of effective cloud file sharing, it's vital to consider whether or not this type of technology is going to form an important part of your CRM solution.  For some companies, it may be possible to make use of an entirely on-premises CRM system that can't be accessed elsewhere.  This can also be valuable for those who want to obtain total control by paying a little bit more upfront.  However, start-ups with slightly lower budgets might consider it more sensible to take the cloud-based approach. 


It's also extremely important to take into account the number of day-to-day users who will be operating the software.  The cloud-based programs allow for increased flexibility within this number, which makes them ideal for start-ups where employment is typically a bit more fluid.  Larger companies should, of course, look at the merits of buying an overall license.

How will it integrate?

CRM is an excellent investment, but it's important to make sure that it will fully integrate with any existing software and data that the company already possesses.  Any firm investing in CRM needs to make sure that their new software can take advantage of the customer information that they already have in place.

Source: DestinationCRM

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