Cost Effective Monthly Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM now available


I was recently at a business customer open day and got the chance to talk to a number of business owners about the challenges they faced with CRM solutions, a number of the people there asked questions around support and ad-hoc configuration.

The end result of the day was that we have now launched MyCRM Supported.  MyCRM Supported is a packaged support service to meet a range of business needs and requirements as every business is different and has different requirements.

With this in mind we have launched 4 different monthly subscription services.


The first of our support packs has been designed as an advisory service, when there are those time when you need to ask someone how a function works or how you can do a particular action in CRM. For on-premise customers, we also carry out an audit report on how the system is set up and check for latest rollups.



If you're looking for a little more and need some help setting up basic configuration and importing of initial datasets, then this package may fit your budget. We still include our advisory role, and can also help with online configuration and general guidance to help get the best from your CRM investment.



Our Supervisory package extends that of Guidance, and we will put in place a strategy to maintain your CRM Server and Database. This will include planning all update rollups, performing and reviewing database maintenance along with guidance and best practice on using your CRM system. The Supervisory package is the perfect package for smaller organisations with between 25 and 40 users of CRM on-premise.



Our full support as your administrator of CRM will help place your CRM in safe hands. We will perform and advise on CRM database maintenance and current configurations, and set up and remotely maintain the system to keep optimum performance in place. We will schedule and manage updates and advise on database backups. In addition, we provide the option to have a backup of your CRM database stored in our state-of-the-art secure data centre managed by Rackspace UK.


These package can be further tailored to unique requirements.


About MyCRM

MyCRM has over 20 years’ experience in helping small to medium sized businesses understand and implement CRM as a technology and CRM as a process.  We can help drive adoption and ROI in businesses and organisations that are implementing a marketing solution through a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics.  You can read our customer testimonials here

MyCRM don’t only provide a managed service but also off a range of product solutions which are off-the-shelf extensions to enhance CRM productivity, along with dedicated support packages to meet business requirements.

We offer from our own fully managed datacentre a licence per user Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, you can see more about using MyCRM as a managed service here:

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) we offer a range of pre-built application extensions for your Microsoft CRM Solution. You can get access to a range of products for Microsoft Dynamics CRM from the MyCRM download centre here: after registering for an account.