HOW CRM SOFTWARE CAN HELP: with better relationships

CRM is all about one thing: customers! It's therefore important to make sure that the relationships are managed in the most effective way. 

One thing that is paramount to implementing a CRM project is that it is not just a software component for your business, in fact it is so much more, too much for one post but today I’m going to take a look at some of the specifics in terms of how the software can help

Building psychological profiling

Modern CRM software is capable of a great deal, and one of the most useful features is its ability to genuinely gain insight into how customers think when shopping.  Some, for instance, might always do their shopping first thing in the morning.  Others might prefer to wait until there is a sale.  In obtaining this extra level of detail, it becomes possible to send customers promotions that automatically tick the boxes in terms of what they want.

With popular solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM from MyCRM creating the right profile and capturing data from social media or from your own web site can be quite straight forward.

Product specifics

Another key set of data that CRM can acquire is information about the products themselves.  For example, a holiday firm would be able to find out which flight companies were most popular for which destinations and which hotels had the most rooms open at different times of the year.  Again, this information is valuable in terms of improving sales.

But as you can see it’s not about the software but definition of data.  An example would be a Super market loyalty card which tracks what as an individual you purchase, the CRM system which analyse the data and provide the best offers to you based on what you have previously purchased to the experience is tailored.  

How should the relationship be managed?

It's also important to develop information on exactly how the customer wants the relationship to be sorted.  Some customers might absolutely hate receiving calls and should be noted as such.  Others might like to call the store before they place an online order.  However they work through their sales, CRM software can provide the relevant information to help the process.

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