Warming up leads using CRM and social media

This is a great follow on article from my original post about socialising your business, and as social media is becoming more of the norm in business I’ve taken this opportunity to highlight some further points of why social media is a get asset to business.

I’ve always promoted positively and discussed the importance of social media to the CRM process.  It is inarguably one of the most crucial ways to engage customers.  Here I’m looking at how it can be used to help generate warm leads for the sales team and how CRM software can help with the process.

It helps a company get to know a prospect

When used effectively, CRM software really can help a company to understand a potential customer through the extraction of relevant social media data.  The company can monitor their online footprint.  They can also follow and share the customer's content if they have any and share their own.  This remains one of the most effective ways to build organic intimacy with potential clients.

Look at the buying cycle

Again, CRM software can be invaluable in terms of its ability to extract relevant data and analyse where in the buying cycle the customer currently is.  If they've recently had a trigger event (such as relocating, hiring new staff, participating in a merger, etc.) then they are far more likely to be open to potential sales.  Using social media, it is entirely possible to uncover this information and make use of it.

Deeper engagement

Where possible, social media should always be about asking questions and shortening the selling cycle.  A company should be ready to share helpful, relevant content and offer genuine solutions to the problem.  CRM software can help a company see when these sorts of questions are being asked.

Just a tool in the box or a strand to your bow

I’d also like to note that although MyCRM and I are an advocate of using Social media like Twitter and Facebook along with Linked in it should not be seen as the only solution and should be only part of the inbound and outbound marketing approach taken.

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