How CRM Software Can Help: improve customer service

In our latest post in the series of How CRM can help articles today we are looking into the customer experience and the delivery of customer service.

One of the keys to CRM success is to already have a good customer service process in place.  To start with we are going to take a look at some of the things that make up good customer service and how CRM software can help implement them.

The article on Business 2 Community highlights some good points and it is worth thinking about how you expect or want you customers to get the best experience and general engagement from your business as just selling something or shipping a product is not always enough.

Always make the most of interactions

Customers are using their own money to purchase your products or services.  That is why it is vital to ensure that you completely stand by what you've said you will offer them.  Whether it is quality products, responsive service or excellent tech support, you absolutely must give customers what you say you will.  Customer service interactions provide the opportunity to ensure that even if their initial investment has gone awry, it can be fixed to ensure that your reputation remains.

An example of using this type of interactions you will need to think how you can do this to best benefit your business, but as an example the giant supermarket chain Tesco has a loyalty card, the card will record all the data of all the purchases you make this way Tesco can send appropriate offers to you, based on your buying habits.

Now it is unlikely your business is as big as Tesco and you might not have a sophisticated loyalty scheme, but you can easily use a tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM from MyCRM to monitor and record this level of information.  You can then provide the service level based on your product offerings you have.

Caring and being compassionate

Caring about a customer's needs remains the best possible way to implement high quality service.  It is important to ensure that customers are being served in the way they deserve.  CRM can be invaluable here, providing data that lets you gain insight into the how they like to work, whether it is through e-mail or a phone call at the end of the day.

A CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect tool for tracking history and be able to present this information in an intelligent and informative way customer by customer.

Building a structure

It is important to ensure that there is a solid structure in place that measures and manages your customer service so that the same standards are conformed to each and every time.  Again, CRM can help by providing all of the relevant information about how a company's processes will work.

Automated workflow can be used along with processes to help align end-users experience with the system software, which will enhance overall customer service as the process will be consistent for all.

Source: Business 2 Community

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