How CRM Software can help: manage customer complaints

I have been researching a number of really good articles this week and this one on Business 2 Community highlighted some very good points.  This article initially about the tour industry applies well to all organisations as if a customer has a complaint about a product or a service they need it to be dealt with quick and efficiently.

One of the key ways to ensure that customers stick around and for you organisation to build loyalty is to deal with any complaints quickly and efficiently.  Today, we're going to take a look at how CRM can be used to put an efficient complaint response system in place.

Ensure that the complaints policy is set out firmly

It is important to make sure that your company has a firm policy for dealing with complaints and that this is clearly set out and that all employees understand the process and complaint policy.  A customer complaint must be dealt with efficiently and this is where a CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help.  Using the CRM system you could create a configured case and track the defined complaint process, help your organisation collate all information gathered from the customer and act and resolve the situation quickly.

Ensure that your staff are fully trained

Again, this is an important factor in getting the best results.  Just as CRM software ensures that all sales letters and responses are uniform, it can also provide the same service for complaint responses.  It is important for customers to feel like they are being given a committed response.  If they don't feel this way, they are not likely to return to the company any time soon.

With the rise of social media it is extremely important to get this process correct as a disgruntled customer can quickly let their feelings known on the likes of Facebook or Twitter.  

Ensure that a little bit of communication continues afterwards

Whilst most customers do not want to engage in repeated conversations with a company after making a complaint, there is still a lot of value in touching base once to see if the problem was sufficiently resolved, assuming that this wasn't established in the initial conversation.  Touching base can also present the company with the opportunity to offer the customer a gift or discount to increase the likelihood of future business. The act of regular communication, reaching out or touching base also shows that the company truly values the customer.

Source: Business 2 Community

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