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It has been a very busy week this week at MyCRM with a number of great new opportunities and a lot of product design meeting for new enhanced marketing packs and product solutions.  We have also nearly launched our all new CRM 2013 hosted offering and are looking at new Data Centres in the USA and Australia.

As usual I have been search though all the latest articles that help keep me informed of what is happening in the world of CRM and business and below are a selection of 4 of those that I found to be most interesting.


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CRM continues to integrate with cloud technology

In today's world, technology continually evolves in order to take advantage of new abilities.  When one piece of software enables another to improve its functions, the combination can be very powerful.

This is interesting, as a new report indicates that CRM is becoming more and more entrenched in the world of the cloud.

The data, which comes from renowned industry analysts Gartner, shows that more and more income in the CRM market is being generated through cloud-based software rather than the in-house variety.  Indeed, the CRM market is predicted to hit $23.9 billion this year alone, which is a year of moderate growth.

It is also predicted that the cloud will continue to play a very active part in the CRM industry.  The report expects that cloud-based CRM solutions will account for around half of the overall revenue by the close of the year.  Cloud-based deployments are also expected to rise from 40 per cent to 50 per cent during the year.

In a way, the statistics are not surprising.  The cloud market in general has continued to grow, and its ability to offer those managing CRM solutions the means to do so whilst on the move and from different locations has proved extremely popular.  Moreover, cloud offers a sense of mobility that many other solutions can't match.  This is ideal for smaller businesses that have to evolve to meet their markets.

In this sense, cloud represents the ideal platform for CRM data overall.

Source: Midsized Outsider


Developing consistency within the CRM field

The keys to obtaining success in any field are consistency and skill, with the latter taking time to develop.  Today, we're going to take a look at some of the different ways to help improve both aspects.

Be patient

CRM software is a serious investment, so it is important to bear in mind that it might take a month or so before the investment begins to bear fruit.  This is standard for any substantial change in the sales process, but it's still important to keep in mind and be patient.

Ensure that there are specific targets

No matter which set of software you personally choose to invest in, it's important to ensure that you know exactly which statistics you are hoping to improve on by using it.  In some cases, this will be an increase in lead generation.  For many people, it will be conversion.  Either way, it's important to ensure that those statistics are focused on.  There are a lot of useful aspects of CRM software, but not all of it is 100 per cent essential to every business.

Be responsible

CRM can completely transform the way a business operates day to day.  It can change the way that clients interact.  It can change the way that they are approached.  It can completely alter the social media process.  That's why it is important to ensure that everyone involved is held responsible for the results.  There should be one member of the team who is responsible for improvement in all of the main statistics that the company measures.

Source: Cloud Computing


Four key customer service attitudes

Part of improving your usage of CRM software is developing and furthering your skills in customer service.  Today, we're going to take a look at some of the key attitudes that anyone working in customer service needs to adopt.

Attitude one: Care

With many of today's customer service processes supported by technology, it's sometimes hard to remember that customers are real people.  However, whilst everyone has the technology, genuine personal care still makes all the difference in terms of achieving success.

Attitude two: Treat everyone the same

It's understandable that, in a competitive business world, companies often feel the need to prioritise the most important customers.  Indeed, it's often sensible; they are, after all, financially more important to the firm's stability.  However, that extra priority should never come at the expense of other companies getting the service they still deserve.  Remember, small customers can become big ones in today's ever-changing market.

Attitude three: Go above and beyond

Another aspect that will always set one company apart is acting above and beyond in terms of their customer service duties.  After all, stories of exceptional customer service can genuinely become viral.  If customers actually remember the way they were treated by your company, they will not only come back but also tell their friends.

Attitude four: Ask others in the company

Everyone in customer service and sales gets the odd tough question.  Always ask someone who knows, and never be afraid of admitting that's what you're doing.

Source: Business 2 Community


Achieving CRM success within SMBs

No one will dispute the fact that CRM software represents genuine value to larger companies. However, it's important to remember that it can be just as valuable for SMBs. Today, we're going to take a look at how to obtain CRM success when running an SMB.


In smaller companies, there is no room for dead weight. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that there are firm definitions of success in place so that it can be determined whether or not the new system has worked after a period of time. For each company, this definition of success will differ; for some SMBs, it will simply be increased sales, whilst for others, it could mean a rise in leads generated. In any case, the standards must be firmly in place.

Let the standards define the place

Once the SMB knows what their CRM goals are, they can then use this data to best manage the process. The plan could be, for example, to obtain a certain number of sales within a set time period.  This allows the rest of the team to plan the process so their goals can be achieved.

Integrate cross-selling

Within smaller companies, cross-selling and marketing can be invaluable. It is therefore important to ensure that the CRM software is used in one of its most helpful capacities: as an administrative aid capable of keeping all the company's marketing data in one place. This enables the company to cross-reference different sales channels and customer demographics to see where the biggest sales and best results are being achieved.

Source: IT Pro Portal

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