Bad customer data management means bad customer experience

I recently came across this article and it brought back some thoughts of CRM implementation that had gone astray or where customer needed help in moving the right solution forward.

So Today, we are looking at data and how it can be used effectively as there seems to be so much talk about big data that many business owners are starting to think it’s a passing fad, but the truth is that it is something that is here to stay.

Just think about CRM – customer relationship management – and how it helps to determine what customers are doing and how to upsell them.  What many managers fail to consider is what this actually means to the customers who are sharing their personal data.

If customers think a business is taking advantage of their personal information, it is very likely they will discontinue working with that company.  To put it plainly, customers are a lot savvier than most businesses think.

The information infrastructure

A company’s information infrastructure is where customer interactions begin and end.  Customers need to know that businesses are managing their personal data carefully and securely.  These same consumers also know that strides in technology have made it easier for companies to serve them, so they can grow impatient when there are service delays.

Most importantly, many consumers can tell when they are being duped, like when they get spammed with tons of "special offers."

The impact of data management

Data management is extremely critical to the customer experience.  Businesses are either creating new customer records or adding to existing ones.  The data management system should focus on improving speed, accuracy, and security.  These features should make search and retrieval, authentication, and metadata management more efficient. 

Making these aspects better on the company’s end is important, but the impact of improving the system should also make the customer’s experience faster and higher quality.  Keeping the customer in mind when enhancing these functions will benefit both the customer and the company.


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