The art of customer enchantment

I recently picked up this article on Search CRM and thought it would be worth sharing as there are a number interesting points highlighted, one key point is that, it is your approach to good customer service and not a software application that is going to help you succeed.

The key to longevity in any industry is rising above the fray and becoming an enduring brand.

Silicon Valley author, investor, speaker, and business advisor Guy Kawasaki, who has worked for Apple in the past, has revealed in his new book The Art of Enchantment the three pillars that every great organisation should have in order to enchant customers and build a stronger brand.

Kawasaki shared his point of view at the AIIM Conference earlier this month in Orlando, Florida, in a session named for his best-selling book.

"The key to implementing technology isn't so much about the bits and the bytes and acronyms," Kawasaki explained. "It's about enchanting people. It's about changing people's hearts and minds and actions."

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is all about enchanting the customer.  Kawasaki urges businesses to build the trust and loyalty of customers by sticking to these three principles:

·         Be likeable.  The expectations of the average consumer today are quite high, which means it is now more important than ever for businesses to be likeable.  This might mean giving customers that little something extra and offering great service by going above and beyond.

·         Be trustworthy.  Just because a company is well liked doesn’t mean that it is trustworthy.  Building trust means implementing policies that favour customers and their needs.

·         Offer quality services or products.  Companies need to go beyond offering only good service; they need to outshine the competition.  Offering lots of great features, functionality, and something people want or need goes a long way.

In short, being exceptional, connecting with customers and standing out is the basis of building a solid relationship with customers.



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