Usability and functionality features pay off for CRM providers

A great article I picked up over the weekend which highlights the point that as a provider of CRM having the ability to plugin additional solutions is key, here at MyCRM we pride ourselves on being a CRM provider with a catalogue of extended product solutions.

The Article covers a discussion on CRM providers who invest significantly in functionality and usability are leaving the competition in the dust.

According a recent study by Nucleus Research, customer relationship management (CRM) providers who focus their time, energy and resources on improving usability and functionality are stepping to the forefront of the industry.  These providers are making their interfaces even easier to use in order to boost productivity.

"While the accelerated cadence of releases from most cloud CRM vendors and continued acquisitions in this space have driven some significant shifts in positioning since the last CRM Value Matrix, the real standout this half is usability. Providers focusing on real usability improvements and following the dark cockpit principles of simplify, focus, and automate are starting to widen the gap, challenging others to play catch up," explains Vice President of Nucleus Research, Rebecca Wettemann.

Customer relations management systems help businesses attract and maintain customers through data management and analysis.  CRM providers on the cutting edge of the industry are also offering new capabilities in configure-price-quote, performance management and territory management into the core features.

In the next few years, as consumers become more diligent in their shopping and even savvier in their spending, experts project that CRM will become an even more enterprising application for success, which means that upgrades to CRM systems or switching to entirely new systems will become essential. 

As CRM grows in importance, businesses will be looking for providers who offer a quality system whilst also exhibiting an overall commitment to helping their customers soar above the rest.



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