Social collaboration and Social CRM to improve competitive edge

I recently picked this article up from mobile marketing watch and it does highlight some great points as the business world moves to social media for leads prospects and growth.

Businesses that are not using social media to manage relationships with their customers are really missing out.

Those familiar with customer relationship management, or CRM, may not be privy to the fact that social CRM exists.  This is unfortunate because social CRM is an absolute must in today’s highly competitive marketplace.  Business owners should bear in mind that even if they aren’t using social outlets like Twitter and Facebook, chances are their customers are.

It is important to know that social media platforms can be very effective in driving prospects in, but it can also drive potential customers away when not handled properly.  The key is to be helpful and engaging and never be dismissive or unresponsive.

Here are three easy tips to help any business leverage social CRM to their benefit.

·         Have conversations with customers.  Engage in a dialogue with customers and potential clients via social media; that’s what it’s all about, after all.  When a customer sends a social media message, pay attention and respond.

·         Practise transparency.  Responding to social media messages with private or direct messages is really a missed opportunity, even when it is a complaint.  Businesses can demonstrate that they care by not hiding the good-faith efforts to help in any way.

·         Social media roundups.  Go ahead and do a periodic roundup of social media mentions via a Facebook post or newsletter.  This is a great way to give thanks to customers who provided the compliments as well as to those who have complained.

Just remember, the basics of customer relationship management and customer service have not changed; social CRM is simply a new platform on which to practise these principles.


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