The secret to successful customer engagement

Technology has brought business a long way in the last few years, but there is no doubt that it will forever be the age of the customer. This means that engagement between employees and customers is more critical than ever.

In most cases, engaged customers are typically better brand advocates, more loyal, and spend more money with that business. Therefore, it is important for businesses to have a clear understanding of the foundation of customer engagement in terms of how to attract and influence them.

Here are some secrets to engaging the customer that every business owner should know.

Trust and transparency

Even though this is business, there is an emotional component to customer engagement, which is often more powerful than rational engagement. The customer sentiment cannot be ignored, nor should it be. Customers who are emotionally engaged will complain less frequently and give more compliments. Respect customer privacy and give them a voice; they will be loyal in turn.

Make a commitment to fairness

Everyone wants fairness in life and work. Although some businesses view ethical engagement as optional, it really isn’t. With social media and mobile devices, businesses can no longer hide their social responsibility actions or lack thereof. Fairness is a fundamental value that consumers want in the companies they support.

Make knowledge available

Customers put a lot of value on quality, detail, innovation, service, and knowledge. A business that provides helpful, relevant information in addition to their products and services will be viewed as more valuable to its customers. This could be achieved through a weekly newsletter, offering helpful hints on a social platform, or anything in between.

Incorporate social, mobile, and traditional elements

When there is active customer engagement, businesses will find that customers are more willing to interact with them by making purchases, offering feedback, and providing invaluable insights on their experiences. Therefore, organisations should not discount traditional elements to customer engagement while at the same time embracing modern methods such as mobile and social platforms.



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