Drive your business forward and profit up with a structured marketing approach.

I recently attend a very interesting seminar on business positioning and growth and in a number of blog posts I would like to cover some of the key things that were highlighted as a forward thinking business proposition.

We all know the importance of having a good CRM system that is implemented correctly within your business right!

Maybe not but it is vitally important to have a good understanding of Customer history and Customer needs so CRM is a great place to start.

Some people in the past have said to me of CRM that is just a Database of contacts, and of course technically they are correctly but a good CRM system has

History for active and historical clients, History for Orders and Sales made, any support cases raised notes taken and products recorded.

This post is more about the types of marketing your organisation can implement as part of its customer centralisation with CRM which will attract more sales from the investment already made.


We are looking at the 4 key approaches and sometimes these have different name but in principal they achieve the save outcome.  These approaches are defined as follows

  1. Traditional

  2. Distractive

  3. Competition

  4. Disruption.

Below we discuss the approach but these are not marketing methods like email or hard copy or brochure etc. they are the approach that the content will take to drive interest with the end reader or recipient.


Let’s start with the Traditional first, as it is or has been one of the most common approaches to the way content is presented or delivered to prospects and customers.

The traditional way to present content is with Brand i.e. you logo would be at the top of the advert, or the header of the email.  This is usually followed by a punchline of why the company or organisation in question is so great, then it is usually followed by some text which either details the success of the company or a small part on the services it offers.

Let’s take an example of this with a made up security company



ABC Somebody Security

It’s our business to keep your business secure.

ABC Somebody Security is a leading provider and industry

specialist in providing certified and industry standard

security systems and solutions.


Contact us today for our latest prices!




This type of advert may well be used in an online directory, or a Yellow Pages type publication or even a local newspaper, but you only have to read the few lines to realise that it does not tell you a great deal about the company or its services.

Using this type of advert based on your organisations brand can be limiting at best unless your organisation has a global, national or community identity that consumers or other business owners can identify with, as a trusted provider.



Now let’s take a look at the difference in presenting “Distractive” content, as this is where you organisation has the opportunity to present a solution to a problem by presenting a distraction to gain end readers attention

The distraction is usually identification of a problem that as an individual or as a business owner you may have a solution for.

Let’s take the Security Company again and now create some basic content that would cause a distraction for a person seeing the headline.



Security Cameras Disabled by Wi-Fi Transmitter.

After a detailed investigation at a number of factory and office burglaries

in the west midlands, a certain make of remote activated CCTV

camera has been found to have a weakness that can be

Disconnected by its Wi-Fi connection. 


Our advice is that you contact your local supplier for immediate

upgrade to any devices that maybe affected

You can contact ABC Somebody Security and book an engineer today.


ABC Somebody Security

It’s our business to keep your business secure.



Now obviously the statement you use in distraction marketing approach has to be true and you also need to be able to solve the problem that you have identified otherwise you approach with have a negative response.



As the name suggest and is regularly used by many organisations globally, the approach of Competition marketing is very popular and great for grabbing attention.

Some organisation will use this approach of marketing to promote brand i.e. just having individuals register for the competition is enough.

Other organisations will offer an incentive when as a customer you sign up for a service or purchase a product.

Using the example of the security company again, the advert that might be used may look like this!



Get the chance to win an iPad mini

In this month competition we are offering the chance to win a new iPad

mini when you have a full audit and inspection of your current security

system cost just £25 – Book today.


ABC Somebody Security

It’s our business to keep your business secure.



And then finally in this blog post I cover disruption


Disruption marketing and the approach to, has to be my favourite as it gives your organisation the most flexibility when creating content.  Similar to a distraction campaign above the disruption approach is far more succinct as its purpose is to advise and give examples but then ties the reader back to the end point of the service that is on offer by your organisation.

One great way to create disruption marketing is by creating blog posts, editorial in hard copy or case studies, as disruption marketing is the purpose of getting a reader to consume information about a topic that might not be directly linked to the company providing it but highlights areas of interest that the company providing it can help with.

For instance we could take the security company one more time and show some editorial content, but this time the content would be used in conjunction with MyCRM as it would be a case study



Customer Service Award for

ABC Somebody Security Group

As part of the Annual Security awards ABC Somebody Security Group has been

Awarded and named as the overall winner of the converted price of

best Customer Service


As part of ABC Somebody Securities overall growth plan a number

of projects were put in place to implemented a cloud based service

from the Team at MyCRM, the MyCRM team took advantage to advise

on overall approach to customer data and use of technology in the field. 


It is believed by the management of ABC Somebody Security that the

investment in technology and customer service implementation

contributed to the overall success of the company’s growth in

2013 and to them winning the associated Security industries

award for customer service.


ABC Somebody Security

It’s our business to keep your business secure.



That now covers four different approaches to marketing content, and as you would expect there are other approaches that can be used.

But most import to any business either at start up or established is centralised customer management or better known as CRM. 

To complete any type of marketing campaign you will need to have a well implemented CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM from managed service provider MyCRM.

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And if you have read thus far then thank you for reading our blog, and this post is an example of Disruption content.