Making CRM work in your industry and sector.

From time to time we always like to review how CRM can be used in different vertical spaces or by different business types, and more recently I came across this story.  CRM as a strategy and it is a strategy, can be used in any businesses that has customers with repeat business.

CRM and the modern auto dealership

The key to success in the modern auto dealership industry is managing customer relationships, but the very nature of the industry presents some unique issues. 

In most cases, dealership customers only buy a car every few years, and that purchase is often a significant portion of their budget.  When people buy cars, they are typically more cautious, do a lot more research, and interact with the dealership a lot differently than they might with other businesses.

Thanks to customer relationship management (CRM) technology, dealerships are getting better at maintaining a solid customer base.  The days of the index card are gone.  Today, a robust CRM system customised to meet the needs of a car dealership helps sales managers keep track of their clients.

The latest CRM systems delve into the needs of the modern car dealership, ranging from scheduling appointments, to social media, to tracking leads.  The system can also help measure the success of marketing campaigns.  All of this is particularly important in the car dealership industry, where interaction with the consumer is at a minimum most of the time.

Because CRM data is powered by consumer insight, car dealerships can maximise that information to make the most of their marketing schemes.  Analysing such data can also help run a more targeted campaign and boost the effectiveness of sales techniques.

Auto dealerships are increasingly recognising that their CRM systems are profit-generating engines that drive business through meaningful customer connections.  CRM has become an essential technology that touches on almost every aspect of a dealership’s operations.



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