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Every business owner should already have an understanding of customer relationship management (CRM) and the practice of maintaining relationships with customers through a number of platforms and technologies.  CRM often involves using a variety of tools to organise, automate, and improve sales, marketing, customer support, and technical support.

In days past, CRM was inefficient, unreliable and difficult.  Today, thanks to the advent of digital technologies such as software, hardware, the internet, and cloud-based programmes, CRM is more efficient and effective than ever.  It is also a lot more streamlined.  Ultimately, CRM helps businesses acquire new customers and keep old ones.  It helps capture customer data for marketing endeavours and maintain a higher return on investment.

Improvements in technology have led to advancements in CRM.  This can be seen in the tools that are now offered in most CRM systems.  They are effective, user-friendly, and typically work in real time.  With so many CRM systems now being cloud-based, business managers don’t have to worry about their data being lost or compromised.

In addition to software, technological advances in hardware have also improved CRM systems and strategies across the board.  With so many customers accessing accounts, businesses, and services from a range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it is important that CRM providers keep up.  The best CRM systems are easily accessed by both customers and employees from any device.

Here at MyCRM we focus on what individual businesses want from a CRM system, and with many years of experience and working with many different types of organisations, we consider ourselves to be well positioned to offer a managed CRM service

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Here at my CRM we offer our customers the best solutions to help them drive business forward and gain real benefits from implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We are in our 5th year of trading as a business and have seen incremental growth year on year in profits, our team are based in the Isle of Wight, UK and we maintain relationships with customers in 26 countries.

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