MyCRM says Let CRM strengthen the sales pipeline

In today’s news cast we look at a story first published to Small Biz Trends that defines the role of CRM in business.  As a CRM provider MyCRM can help with the implementation of a system, but getting your process and requirements correct will lead to user adoption and success.

Let CRM strengthen the sales pipeline

If a business finds itself on the tipping point of growth and wants to rise to the next level, it needs to leverage the right tools. The proper tools can help streamline and automate processes that drive both sales and marketing performance, and it is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that can really make the difference.

The right CRM system can help a business better centralise and manage its customer data, key marketing efforts, and sales communications. It is an open, flexible platform on which businesses can automate sales, customer service, and communication with customers in order to improve the overall experience.

Here are three important ways that CRM can strengthen the sales pipeline:

  • Improved business intelligence. Thanks to the robust client and lead analytics found in a good CRM system, businesses are able to make better marketing and sales decisions. These reporting tools also make it easier to improve productivity and streamline processes.

  • Marketing management. Marketing plays a huge role in the sales pipeline, and a good CRM system allows businesses to create, track, and manage marketing campaigns. CRM systems make it possible to automate many steps, produce data-driven results, and customise campaigns easily.

  • Smarter email campaigns. One of the most popular and effective marketing tools is email, and a good CRM system can help to deliver personalised, relevant, and timely email marketing communications to leads and customers. The CRM system can even help analyse response rates and determine the effectiveness of each campaign.


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