Is the market changing faster than mobile CRM?

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Decades have passed since the launch of early CRM systems from Onyx, Pivotal and Siebel, but the concept is exactly the same, what has changed is the way we work.  CRM and CRM data now has to be mobile and integrated, and available through multi-channels.  In the article we look at some of the key points of why CRM should and can succeed in all business.

There is no question that the trend of consumers using their mobile devices to interact with businesses and make purchases is a continuing phenomenon. It is also no surprise that many companies have implemented CRM systems with mobile capabilities.

However, the mobile market is an ever-changing entity, and many business managers wonder if their mobile CRM systems are keeping up despite the fact that mobile CRM development is one of the quickest evolving areas.

It is important to remember that the main purpose of any CRM system is to provide important insights and consumer patterns. Although the most mobile CRM systems offer these abilities, there is some room for improvement. Better predictive analytics are needed to garner any insights based on mobile-centric consumer behaviours.

What is the solution? Many companies are asking mobile developers to design apps that can interact with users throughout the day in small increments, which may be more conducive to the mobile-environment. Another thing that many companies are starting to expect is multi-channel customer engagement, which allows them to connect with their client base through a variety of channels including social media, websites, and mobile devices.

The bottom line is that some areas of mobile CRM development still need a little work, but others are quite advanced. Keep in mind that mobile technologies are still relatively young, so things should be getting even better in the near future.


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