Achieving a successful implementation is key to any software system

Want to stop that CRM implementation? Try these four things

Implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system affords businesses efficiency and expediency in dealing with clients, but many implementations fail before they even begin. The heart of a CRM system is good data, and getting that data is the secret to success.

The main goal is to have a successful CRM implementation, but there are some areas where many CRM adoption projects stumble. Here’s a look at some of the most common mistakes:

  • Bad strategy. There is no CRM implementation success without a clear direction from the very beginning. Even the biggest, most robust CRM software won’t help if there is no clear plan for implementation, management, and maintenance. A good strategy will drive efficiency and improve operations.

  • Unclear goals. Having clear goals is just as important as having a good strategy. A business really needs to know what it expects from CRM implementation in order to make the most of it.

  • Lack of management buy-in. Although the IT department plays a huge role in CRM implementation, it really comes down to sufficient buy-in from management. If all departments are not completely on board with the project, the project will be doomed to fail. Staff must see that all departments and levels are on board.

  • Complicated CRM software. Not all CRM software is created equal. What is good for one business might not be ideal for another. Keep in mind that the key to success is having useful data and knowing what to do with it. Don’t go for the CRM system with all the bells and whistles if those bells and whistles are irrelevant to the business at hand.


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