The Power of Social Media fully unleashed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Implementing the Power of Social Media into Line of Business CRM Systems 

It has been some time since we started our voyage on building a social integration platform.  The code name for the project was Quad1 and this progressed to become Quadrapilla. 

Quadrapilla has been designed as an integration framework, to enable businesses of all sizes to benefit from the power of social integration into their business marketing, and give the functionality via CRM to promote social consumer awareness of its brands and products.

eSocial Is Coming

The first release of the Quadrapilla platform will be targeted at all users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This was a natural starting point for the MyCRM team, and unlike some initial offerings currently available from different Vendors, our eSocial integration to Quadrapilla for Microsoft Dynamics opens up the Social World to CRM users and businesses.



By consuming a service based Architecture, the Quadrapilla integration offers organisations and end users a huge level of flexibility, as each and every service point can be used to collect and share data. 

Quadrapilla with eSocial integration is not just a one way listening or monitoring tool, it is a fully fledged marketing and campaign tool.  This will enables users and businesses to track social interaction on posts, messages, pictures and video, and will evolve as social media platforms continue to grow and change.


One of the key features of the solution is the collation and sharing of known contacts, that can be brought into Quadrapilla and then into CRM as contacts or leads.  News feeds can also be used, so that your Social Media Marketing Manager can receive items that can be reposted if they are of interest.

Reports on activity of interaction are by each story, and if your CRM contacts are linked you can see if these contacts have interacted with your messages on a daily basis.

Social media is vast and is continuing to grow on a daily basis, it is a very powerful marketing strategy for small and medium sized businesses.

Getting a Trial 

If you like the idea of social media marketing integrated into CRM and you would like to trial our solutions for Social Media, then you can pre-register at  and when we are ready to release, we will send you an email telling how to download the solution.

You can also register on the MyCRM download Centre as eSocial will be available from this platform.

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