Are you running Microsoft CRM 2011 or v4 On-Premise? Do you want to move to the Cloud?

After spending the past 18 years in the CRM sector implementing and advising on CRM systems, one of the things I have learnt is that businesses do not upgrade with every version of a product that is released. 

Most business owners want to get “best value” from any investment on a business system and they are unlikely to want to upgrade every year, and have to revisit customisation and bespoke reports.

With the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 it is anticipated that a number of organisations running CRM 2011 or even CRM 4.0 will now want to upgrade. 

If your business has decided to go in the direction of cloud and or managed services (SaaS), but still wants control over a given environment then MyCRM now has an answer that suits all business types.

In the last 4 years there has been a huge improvement is security and technology.  The cost of running servers in a data centre has been dropping and has become financially more appealing than running servers and in house systems.

MyCRM from the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 will be offering tailor made dedicated platforms for the enterprise.

We have for some time being offering bespoke platforms, but now we have a range of predesigned solutions from 300 CRM users +.

You may well ask ‘why I would go dedicated when I can use a shared service at a cost of per user per month’.  Well it is a good question to ask but below is a comparison in monthly costs, as once a certain level is reached and this is about 300 users the benefits of using a shared instance become financially less rewarding.



Cost per month


Cost per month

Per user £42.50 Avg. x 300


Platform own server and DB with double the storage


Estimated Cost of Extra storage £8 per Gb.








Sub Total


Sub Total















By opting for a dedicated environment you will see a monthly saving of £2,340.00 in VAT at 20%, and on an annual basis this represents an estimated saving of £28,080.  In the first year of transfer to dedicated, setup costs will be incurred so the real estimated saving would be £23,080 in the first year and £28,080 in the second and subsequent years, based on 300 CRM users.

Obviously based on the examples below the gap in cost grows as you increase the user base of CRM.  We have seen some customers move to a dedicated offering at 240 users to gain the additional benefits of having their own CRM infrastructure managed.

Below are included some of the additional benefits that come with a dedicated environment

  • Own Domain controllers

  • Access to own Server Infrastructure

  • Lager volume of data space for production and backup

  • Option to manage and apply updates when it suite your business.

  • Dedicated platform backup and recovery

  • Dedicated infrastructure means better security

  • Increased flexibility and cost savings when using virtual

  • Increased resource management of hardware

  • Increase time saving as dedicated is fully proactively monitored

  • Ease of scalability of infrastructure

  • Increased speed and performance

  • Easy access to data on the go

  • Access to the latest technology in a data centre and latest SAN devices.

To be honest the list could go on and on and running resource hungry servers and application in your office is now longer a must, as you can achieve better performance and security by having a dedicated managed services that still gives you full access to you own cloud infrastructure.

The MyCRM dedicated cloud offering is a must for mid-sized growing companies and this approach allows you to use you own purchased licences but gain the benefit of always on infrastructure that is fully managed.

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