Better activity planning and shared calendars in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

It’s been a personal bug bare for some time that the calendar feature in Microsoft CRM is somewhat limited it what it can be used for.  With each release I’ve always wanted and expected more, and I know there are variously solutions in the app space but I guess the answer would be to use outlook and exchange calendars.

As a business we need better visuals on day to day activity and it would be great if a fully featured planning tool came directly in CRM.  Here at MyCRM we still use wall planners to get a snap shot of what is going on of the whole team as the perfect solution has not yet been found.

But enough is enough, the time has come for the team at MyCRM to step forward and answer the call for a better, feature rich, planner in CRM with drag and drop capability.

The one thing that has always stopped me opting to buy in, is that most of the planners that integrate with Microsoft CRM only offer appointment tracking.  That bit I can do in outlook and what I need as a busy executive at MyCRM is the ability to see all my activities.

CRM is feature rich in its list of activity types and even supports custom activities, so why not use them. 

As part of my job and I cannot be the only one, I want to see phone calls, I need to see my task list and also more importantly I what to see everyone else’s and to see what teams are doing what.

Even outlook will not let me use my tasks on today’s calendar, so its time a call to action was made.

The good news is that soon MyCRM will be launching ePlanner that supports all activity types and even creates some new ones for Holidays, Sick leave, and Overtime.   This allows you better management of your teams, people and better coordination of time spent on activities.

Below is a preview of our first build, but this is still work in progress.

The planner comes with several views and the colour for each activity type is configurable.  The default is to see all activity types but again through configuration these can be set.

ePlanner is great as a to do list and has a daily agenda view but also has the feature to see which activities you may be involved with i.e. regarding or that have you as a CC’d in on.

With each activity in a different colour this solution is great to see your own daily activities or those of co-workers, by simply switching the different values on or off on the left navigation.

ePlanner also shows a quarter view which is great for planning activities by financial quarter

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On release we will be support CRM 2013, CRM 2015 and CRM 2016