Understanding the Power of Bing Maps with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Appointments

It has been a while since our last post about some of the features of our fully integrated Mapping tool using Bing Maps.

eMap from MyCRM is the only solution in the market place that fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and offers CRM functionality from the main Map or embedded functionality from Maps on the Contacts, Accounts, and Leads.

A map can be embedded onto any entity that has Geocode fields like addresses or has a parent record that has an address.

The eMap solution comes with the ability to Geocode data record by record as it is created, or by bulk if it is required.

Today though we are taking a quick look at appointments as this is quite a unique feature to eMap. You now have the option to track appointments day by day, and show on the map in how many days the appointment is due.

You can see from the screen shot below the appointments are numbered with the number of days they are in the future.

Appointments in green on the map are appointments due today, so if a sales person can see visually where the appointments are they can best manage their travel time.

Look at appointment 0 in Green and Appointment marked as 4 due in 4 days’ time.  A sales manager may see this and rearrange if possible to reduce drive time and help plan better use of time. 

In CRM there is no current way of showing appointments like this in an ordered fashion i.e. Show me today exists but there is no feature to show me tomorrow or the next day and plan routes over the next seven days.

Our solution eMap comes with many different features and Appointment tracking is only one, you can take a trial here http://downloads.mycrmgroup.com/eMap2013.aspx which currently supports CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and CRM 2016.

Or email our sales team on sales@mycrmgroup.com