Understanding and managing budget spend with Suppliers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Having had the opportunity to be involved with the CRM industry for 17 years you get to understand how departments in business work.

Obviously not all business types are the same, and most business will have their own way of selling, shipping and managing customers. 

The one thing that is the same is Supplier and Opportunity spend.  Supplier and Opportunity spend is the amount of money spent to win an opportunity or place an order.

Take this as a scenario:- a customer places an order that is made up of component parts, those component parts need to be sourced from suppliers and each component part will have a value a supplier buy in value.

By having this information in CRM you can see which suppliers offer the best value on which components and raise a related Purchase Order.  The purchase order once approved can be linked to the Customer Order in CRM through a standard relationship.

So why does this help, well over time you can report on which orders in CRM are linked to which supplier and which supplier offers your business the best opportunity.  You can quickly and effectively send Purchase Orders from CRM to a Supplier and allocate fixed budget to anyone given department.

The solution that helps you do this in CRM is ePurchasing from MyCRM a fully integrated purchasing module that enables you to manage product by supplier in CRM.


The ePurchasing solution also has a number of bundled products from the MyCRM product range including eTax, ePDF and eNumber but the bundled version will only work with the purchasing module to make it easier to follow an end to end process of creating and sending purchase orders to suppliers.

ePurchasing from MyCRM can be used for also tracking day to day expenses by project and has a full approval process which decrements an allocated budget once approved.


The solution extended CRM with its own Purchasing area and supports the security roles and structure from within CRM.

All the data is stored directly in the CRM solution and can be used for reporting and performance updates.

To find out more about how ePurchasing can be used within you CRM installation please download a trial here http://downloads.mycrmgroup.com/ePurchasing.aspx or email our sales team here sale@mycrmgroup.com