Incorporate the Power of PDF in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution.

Spending most of my career in software development in the Customer Relationship business sector first with Onyx Software then with Microsoft Dynamics CRM I’ve learnt a few things.

Firstly it is true that Sales people want to spend their time selling and not entering data onto systems.  Any person involved with a sales process has a priority of getting signed contracts and not always dotting all the I’s and crossing T’s.

So the answer is not to berate your sales people, the answer is to make the systems they use efficient so the minimum amount of time is needed to meet the needs of data collection and reporting.

Here at MyCRM we have created a number of Sales and Marketing productivity tools like eMap, eNumber etc., but today I’m going to highlight the power of PDF in CRM.  The solution from MyCRM is called ePDF and this enables the shortening of time needed to send a quote, order, invoice or any customer report to the a prospect or client.

It is a given that the CRM system will be able to create quotes based on a given product catalogue, but then what?  The next natural step is to send the quote to the customer or prospect, but this is where systems can start to let you down.

Even the well-designed leading marketing products can make this step a little difficult, so with ePDF we have taken what is a 13 click process and reduced it to 3 or 4 clicks. 

You might ask, does it really matter?  Well if you have to do 10 quotes, using the MyCRM ePDF add-on we would save you about 30 to 40 minutes in your day.

That is 30 to 40 minutes of extra selling time and increased productivity.

So how does it work?  ePDF basically streamlines the process by running and saving the selected report in the background and then automatically creates the email and saves this with the attached quote as a file ready for sending.

You can see the output below on the quote screen and the email that is generated

Below is the generated email with the PDF attached ready to send.

From the email you can open the PDF file to check the content and this will be generated from the CRM report that is selected, so no need to use external product like Adobe or Microsoft Office.

If you would like a trial of ePDF then please register here if you have any questions then please contact