Fire Up your Sales Team with access to Big Data for Lead Generation with Bing Maps in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

If you ask any Sales person what they really want the answer is usually more money.  Failing that its more leads for the business they are working for so they can make more money and there is nothing wrong with that.  If you ask a marketing person they would probably say more data without spending a fortune.

In this post I’m going to look at bringing 3 unique technologies together into a cost effective solution that empowers Sales and Marketing teams.

But first I want to highlight a common scenario that anyone who works in a field sales role will recognise. In this example we use a Sales Person that is selling to software related companies.

Scenario 1 (The Current Way)

 A Sales person books an appointment with a client at their office.  The sales person attends the meeting to find the prospect is on a pretty standard business park with many other business located at the same location.

The sales person arrives in good time so has a drive around to see which other businesses are on the park, and probably will take notes in CRM or as text to write up later.

The meeting takes place the Sales person leaves and might depending on the business park do some cold calls by knocking on doors and leaving information about services.

Most people working in a field Sales role will have done this at some point in their career and can probably relate.


Scenario 2 (A Better Way)

A Sales person books an appointment with a client at their office though his Microsoft Dynamics CRM, he then opens the client account record and navigates to the eMap section from MyCRM and zooms in on the customer location.

In this scenario and as an example the client is on Stockley Park London

The client record is pinpointed on a Map in yellow or whatever colour has been selected for CRM Accounts

The sales person adds “Software” to the local search on the Map.  The map returns 10 company records  that are on Stockley Park that match the search term.

The data returned is not currently in the CRM and is from an external data feed. The data feed is global and contains access to more than 63 million individual business records.



Each icon in Blue (Above) is a pin point of a Business address that has a category of Software. 

The Sales person can now review the record displayed convert the data to a Lead record in CRM and research the company.

If the research is successful then the Sales person books another appointment with another company in the same location.

Depending on travel time the Sales person may want to book several appointments or work with the marketing team on a bespoke campaign for the location.


The technologies in question here are Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Bing Maps and a Factual Data Source.  The solution that brings all this together and allows both marketing and sales to research organisation is eMap from MyCRM.

A full trial of eMap can be taken here with the solution supporting CRM 2011 to CRM 2016.

Below is an aerial view of the same area which is Stockley Park London but this time no filter has been applied the view is a standard Map view with the local data switched on returning 17 company records in total.


eMap is available from MyCRM on a subscription basis based on a per user count cost.  Subscriptions can be Monthly, Annual or Bi-Annual and discount may apply for volume and length of subscription.

To find about more on how to add eMap to your CRM implementation please contact or register for a trial here