Improve Customer relationships and really understand what your customers think.

I’ve had many many meetings with organisations of many different types over the years, some small and some at the enterprise level.

And many different people have had different views of what a CRM system should be used for, but capturing feedback from customers is an interesting topic.

Some of the implementations I have had the opportunity to work on have focused on Case Studies, some have feedback forms on their company web sites and some others user survey software.

As a survey solution or capability is not included within Microsoft Dynamics CRM by default, today we are looking at how Survey software can increase customer loyalty when integrated directly with your customers account and contact records in CRM.  The solution we are reviewing is a subscription service from MyCRM called eSurvey.

Running surveys to gain customer feedback can be done in different forms, you could create a poll which may only ask one question.  You could run a competition, you could run a survey to capture a total score on the questions answered. 

One of the things to consider when creating the questions you ask, is, make sure they are pertinent to the recipient who will receive and complete the survey.

All the customers data collected by eSurvey is held in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can be used to search and segment data.  Data can be used to rate customer loyalty and review any issues that may be raised if a score or rating given was low.

Having the flexibility directly within the CRM interface and being able to run ad-hoc customer surveys is a great advantage and you are not reliant on a 3rd party survey provision.

eSurvey also has the ability to run Surveys that are by invitation only or that are open to everyone, so can be used for lead generation via the web or a social media channel.

A bit about eSurvey.

eSurvey is a comprehensive Q&A survey product based on a monthly or annual subscription.  The solution can be imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and then connected through a few simple steps. 


The external landing page used by customers and prospects can be branded with a company logo and information about the survey can be entered.


You Microsoft Dynamics CRM application will need to be either CRM online or be internet facing to be able to connect to the survey service hosted by MyCRM.

Available Subscriptions.

MyCRM offers eSurvey as an on premise or subscription service from just £8 per month for those users that need access to the survey tools in CRM (5 user minimum)

On premise perpetual licence can be purchased from as little at £1000 GBP.

If you would like atrial of eSurvey then please visit the download centre here

Take our test Survey.

We have set up a test survey that you can view and enter here, this survey can be anonymous or details can be left