eMap the next generation of integrated Mapping for Dynamics 365 / CRM

June 30th 2017:- MyCRM launch latest iteration of its popular eMap solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Sales CRM application.



As a business owner that has invested in a CRM system and process to help streamline your organisation activities, you will no doubt be looking to keep one step ahead of the competition and  have access to some of the latest tool sets and solutions for data visualisation.

Providers all over the world build and offer solutions that can be plugged in, and solve various problems as a turnkey offering for Microsoft Dynamics.

You can easily access external and internal data via a map


The product offerings from MyCRM are no different, and as you would expect we currently have customers all over the globe making use of our solutions and are offered through the MyCRM download centre.


MyCRM do not just offer product extensions but have a wide range of services including;

  • “Dedicated Infrastructure Platforms”
  • “Shared Platforms”
  • “Service Subscriptions”
  • “Product Downloads”
  • “Migrations”
  • “Service and Development work”.

In this article we take a look at our latest release of our popular solution, eMap.  This version of eMap is our next generation of mapping and visualisation based on a deep integration with Microsoft Bing Maps.

Mapping tools embedded into Microsoft Dynamics are no longer just about displaying data about accounts and contacts.  Mapping tools like eMap include a range of functional actions that help increase productivity and generate sales leads with embedded data from unique data sources.

Below are some of the key features included with eMap.

  • Geocode any entity in CRM
  • Get an at-a-glance view of location trends of your CRM records
  • Filter entities by location (i.e. "Find me all Accounts within 50 miles of London")
  • Create marketing lists and quick-campaigns based on location-filtered entities
  • Plan a driving route and find entities within x miles of the route
  • Create maps that can be placed on Dashboards and Forms
  • No messing about with Bing Map keys that expire after 30 days
  • Access 85 million business records by location with a local area search
  • Manage CRM appointment day by day with a +day view on the Appointment Map
  • Filter related data between CRM entities
  • Create personal views and have the ability to re filter data
  • Create Multiple layers on Maps
  • Create Multiple Maps show different layers.
  • Create activities and records from the Map against related CRM records.

These are just some of the great features that can be accessed from a Map with CRM.  Below are some of the great examples of using eMap within a Microsoft Dynamics environment.

How would I use maps for Lead Generation?

  • Our eMap solution can be easily used to display data by location based on the Geocode of an address. This is really useful when organising localised events as at a glance you can invite the people that are nearest.
  • Imagine the scenario where a field sales team member goes out to an appointment on a business park. With eMap you could zoom into the address and visually see what other businesses are on the park without having the data within your CRM as eMap comes with a data link to 85 million business records that can be converted to Leads records in CRM.
  • Maybe you want to target all customer within 50 miles of a given city and create a marketing list from a Map, with eMap you can do this by drawing on the map around the data displayed after doing a perimeter search.
  • Maybe you could like to just run a quick campaign for customers on a given road. With eMap this is possible, as key functional areas like quick Campaign and market list creation can be done from the Map.

These are just a few of the great examples of using eMap in your day to day sales and marketing activity.  We have customer around the globe making use of eMap in many different way across many different business sectors.


How much does eMap cost?

Our eMap solution is a subscription offering as it also includes licencing from Microsoft for the Map interface.  The subscription cost can be monthly or annually and at the time of writing this article the currency conversion was as below.

A minimum of 5 users for eMap is required but not every CRM users has to have an eMap licence or subscription only those CRM users that need access to the functionality.


How do I get a Trial of eMap?

A full 14 day working trial of our eMap solution can be downloaded from the MyCRM Download centre here


Just install our easy to use download centre application and then install the eMap solution, our download centre application can be installed here


Remember our trial comes with full support so just email support@mycrmgroup.com if you need help with the trial of the solution.


Why MyCRM?

Our customer love what we do, and regularly provide quotes and case studies, here is just a few

"I just wanted to put on record what a fantastic experience we had with downloading, installing and implementing your License Manager and eMap product from the Download Centre. This was like owning a Rolls Royce compared to other products and approaches currently in the market."


"MyCRM Group have provided us with excellent responsive service and help whenever we needed it. We have started using the eCampaign module and are seeing excellent response rates. The application helps enormously with managing the subscriptions and responses. The My CRM staff are always friendly and helpful and have resolved any teething problems."


If you need a little or a lot of help we can help you and guide you in the best ways to get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics investment.


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