Turn your CRM365 into a prospecting solution with access to over 80 million individual business records in 50 countries

Did you just read that right? Well the answer is Yes! But how?

As a CRM service provider and previously as a CRM consultant to a range of businesses over many years, I cannot count the number of times that when implementing a CRM system for a Sales or Marketing department someone has said:

"Oh, it would be great if you could have a data feed of businesses in our area!" or "Is there a way we can look up businesses near one of our customers?"

In the past the answer to these questions would be to purchase data from a data broker which can be an expensive, or to have an outside agency prospect for you and create appointments or even a combination of the two.

But as more and more services become available as cloud offerings and more and more data is available to all businesses online, we have designed our products and worked with a number of partners to give all organisations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics the ability to have access to a global data set of over 60 million business records.

Let me explain further and outline a number of scenarios, as this usually appeals to Marketing and to Sales people in the field or those arranging appointments or setting up trade events.

Scenario for Sales :-

A sales engineer / advisor has booked an appointment to go and see a customer, which is not a strange thing to do, the Sales individual turns up at the customer address and they are on a typical business park setting with 10s or even 100s or other businesses.

The usual step is to conclude the appointment with a customer, and maybe drop off some information to other business in the location, which is basically door to door uninvited prospecting.

But now with eMap 2.0, we have a new way (some would say a complete game changer) to make your sales team more effective and efficient.

Your team of field sales people no longer need to prospect by knocking on doors, as with this release for Microsoft CRM, your team can now research the area by looking up businesses that are on the same business park. This data is provided through the MyCRM service, enabling contact to be made with organisations and business research done without buying long lists of data. Once the data has been used it can be converted into a lead record in CRM and prospected, giving your Sales team a head start.

Scenario for Marketing :-

Access to real time business data that is up to date is a must-have to a lot of marketing departments and once you have access to a company name a little research can be done to get that initial contact and they can start the process of effective campaigning. With eMap 2.0 a marketing team can highlight key location areas to see what types of businesses exist and generate pre contact emails through CRM, they can also use the business search to identify businesses by name or by type.

Scenario for events and trade shows, organisers:-

Using our maps and data solutions to generate prospects for an event, empowers the event sales team as they can work out from the event site / location and search for appropriate business types in the area, this speeds up the pre-qualification and enables businesses to be located.

Once lead records have been created the data can be easily enhanced by research using services like LinkedIn to get more contacts or Facebook and Twitter to find related information about a company.

The screenshots below, show how you can easily combine your own data with data from our external data feeds, which give your business a head start with prospecting.

You can see below that using the business search look-up we have searched for "solicitors", none of these records that appear are in our CRM database:



We then selected one of the business data pins, the details are displayed with the option to convert the information to a lead record in CRM:



To get a trial of eMap and see the solution first hand inside your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then register here http://downloads.mycrmgroup.com/eMap.aspx