Activity planning for Dynamics 365 just got a whole lot better with v2.0

After some great feedback from our customers and partners, the long awaited version of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM planning solution, ePlanner, just got better with release v2.0.  (RELEASE JAN 12TH 2018)

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Our planning solution offers some great features around viewing team activity and related activities.  Integrated with Dynamics 365 and CRM as a single, weekly, monthly or quarterly view along with on the day activity and agenda. 

You can now even have multiple calendars with user selection, so if a user is linked to a calendar they can participate and actively use it too.



Our latest release of ePlanner makes a great product better, with our customers and partners having helped with providing us with great feedback, giving us enough ideas to bring v2.0 to the release stage.

Addressing some of the key requests was a great challenge for the development team, however, we've now added some further great, new features to include multi planners and a stream lined UI providing a clearer and more defined presentation of data.

First let us take a look at the idea of multi planners and see why this adds extra value to your business and increases productivity…

Most planner and shared calendar solutions including our original v1.0, only made it possible to see one planner with configuration.  Going forward with v2.0, you can now create multiple planners, which can be linked to a Dynamics 365 or CRM user so that each planner can only be used by the associated users on the configuration. The multiple calendars are stored as CRM records with individual configuration for each, which is a major step forward for activity planning in Microsoft Dynamics.



Having multiple planners enables you to create different planners and will also allow you to limit who can see them, enabling you to use our planning solution for more business areas within your CRM solution. 

This may mean that different sales teams could have access to their own activity planner, or that you could set up a holiday planner or a planner to track the days that are taken off with illness.  You may want an opportunity planner or track the project activities that are involved with a marketing campaign.  ePlanner v2.0 gives you all of this and more, extending the capability and productivity when managing activity.



You will probably agree that planning is a key component for any successful business. With ePlanner and its multiple planners you can now create what you need to meet your business requirements.

If, as a business you work to a strategy of running 90 day plans and work with a coach or have implemented Rockefeller Habits, then you will know how important it is to have easy access to a solution that records your activity. ePlanner with its 90 day view can help you build up views and activity lists.

The User Interface of this new release is brand new, resulting in a far more fluid experience for users with navigation moving to the top of the page, in line with Microsoft's own design considerations by staying away, using the left.  What is more, the presentation now shows as a single line item across multiple days.

Key areas of performance have now been addressed and the load time of several 1000’s activities now happens in an instant due to a new and improved implementation methodology.

For those that are technical bias, we have implemented the new Dynamics Web API and ePlanner can manage 1000’s of individual activity records seamlessly regardless of the number of months on screen, with paging maximised to give a user total control of what is displayed.

You will also see that the navigation has now been placed at the top with the default being on and the ability to remove data by User, Activity Type and Participant has been extended and enhanced.


ePlanner is the only add on solution for Microsoft Dynamics that can support all standard activity types and develop custom activity types on the planner.  If as part of your CRM configuration you have created new activity types as customer records, these will show as part of the ePlanner configuration.

Finally, ePlanner retains the ability to not only create user's planners from CRM data but record planners, so you might want to see all the related activities and when they are happening around your Sales Pipeline or Opportunity list.  You may also want to see related activity types against a project entity. The fact is, whatever your need to see, with ePlanner it is all possible!

If you have a need for enhanced planning in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or CRM, we would encourage you to register and view our preview, so please register today using the link provided:

Join our Webinar on the 9th Jan 2018 to see the preview launch. Register here -