Moving Productivity to Subscription, adding real value without software investment

After spending some 20 years in the CRM industry from development to implementation and now as a CEO of a growing Microsoft Dynamics ISV, I have seen a number of changes, over a number of years.  Yes the concept of CRM has really be around for some 20 years, with Microsoft Dynamics joining the party in earnest in 2004.

Rolling back the years software of any type usually came with a price tag, it was deemed a capital investment for any business, and usually the sales cycle was reasonably long, I know the early CRM projects were.  Like most things there is a level of evolution, a change in the nature of the way things are done.  Software 20 years on seems to be a very different beast and if your sales team are still looking for the one big sale a year, your business model might need an update. 

Businesses that use software have become consumers, the need to be competitive has somewhat overtaken the need to invest in large capital projects, and operational spend now has the budget over capital spend.

The need for subscription software is now a no brainer, unless you have a controlled unique market, and there is no need for you to compete with the rest of the world, it would seem the direction of travel continues to be operational spending per month per user. 

This trend probably started with the idea of SaaS (Software as a Service) but the concept of subscription started long before this time.  As part of my current role at MyCRM, I’ve needed to evaluate the best route to market, and working with the team we have been able to analyse and perform tests and research.  We have had discussions with business groups and owners, along with coaches to discuss and confirm that annual and monthly lower cost subscriptions are usually favoured above capital spend, and what is deemed a one off investment.

Change happens and we all need to ride the wave of change, the way games and mobile apps have grown in popularity with what is called the millennial generation seems to have governed expectation and this generation moves into and becomes the next business leaders.  The launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365, also followed suit and less organisations especially in the last 3 years have come to me and requested on premise install and investment.  A move to subscription based software is definitely a paradigm shift, and one that should be embraced as with the current trend this is the route to survival for ISVs and OEM software producers.

Here at MyCRM we have now implemented a full subscription service for all of our productivity enhancements, this does not just add value, but it actually helps our team move with the times, and helps your organisation reduce costs while having access to high quality supported enhancements.

You can as before take trials of any of the productivity enhancements below, by following the links or by just dropping our team an email.

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