Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018: What the attendeees say

Microsoft Inspire

Right now I'm trying to look at the events of Microsoft Inspire that happened last week without becoming hugely jealous of all of those who attended. Held in Vegas, the most glistening city of them all, and even Microsoft's blog "Top 10 tips to help you prepare for Microsoft Inspire" is recommending you go and explore, or sit by the pool in your downtime around the event! Sign us up for next year! ...

Microsoft Inspire is said to be the biggest partner event of the year, where you can connect with fellow Microsoft partners, industry experts and employees from all over the world, allowing you to engage with Microsoft and giving your business an advantage from what you're about to learn.


The event is a massive opportunity to network, and that means with anyone and everyone and by looking at all the social media coverage you'd think they all knew each other already! It's an opportunity to learn from other partners and how they work, and also just to gain insight with industry experts and really immerse yourself within the world of Microsoft. Talking to interesting, like-minded people, right in the heart of Vegas; what more could you want?

Work Hard Play Hard

Obviously the person in charge of deciding where the MS Inspire event was going to take place this year was a very clever person! Vegas isn't really the first place you'd think of when going to a partner event, however Microsoft like to go big or go home and you know that it's not going to be all work and no play. This year, they visited the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for fun, food, drinks, entertainment and of course MORE networking.

So what were some of the key messages spoken? On researching I came across a few interesting articles from those who attended:

A few of the main messages 

The success of the next year is dependent on Microsoft employees and Microsoft partners working together to satisfy the long-term needs of UK businesses.

A lead message of ‘Digital transformation’ and ‘Empowering all individuals and organizations to do more'.

I also came across a few key quotes from some of the speeches:

If you wanted to watch some of the footage covering the days in Las Vegas, go here:


Microsoft Business Applications Summit

On the 23rd July was also the Microsoft Business Applications Summit where 3,500 customers and partners were involved in Seattle. The itinerary was to connect with one another and be the first to know where Microsoft is going and what’s coming next across the Business Applications landscape. You can find out more here: