MyGeoMap and Managing Opportunities; See it to Sell it!

Dynamics 365 and CRM provide excellent assistance to help sales people navigate the road towards a sale and the ultimate glory of the close. Over many years and multiple iterations, Microsoft has continually improved functionality to allow for better control of the sale throughout the process, irrespective of the duration. The only thing missing is providing any visibility of opportunity based on geographical locations.

What Microsoft fail to provide is provided by using MyGeoMap, to pinpoint all of your sales opportunities in a map view. If you sell on a global scale, you’ll be keen to see a world map – with every opportunity evident in view. If you sell locally or based on specific territories, your map can reflect this using Dynamics 365 and CRM’s inbuilt filtered views and advanced find functions.

Here is a global view of all our opportunities:

You can change the view by selecting a filter and switching your viewpoint.

The result may be very different to what your map originally displayed. Oh dear, only 2 opportunities meet the filter criteria (below). Time to up our game!