This week's updates from MyCRM

It's finally Friday!

We've had a very busy week this week at MyCRM with some very exciting creations (with the help of Greeny Visuals) and there's still more to come!



We're in the process of rebranding all 6 our productivity enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics and we have started firstly with MyGEOMap (previously known as eMap). As many of you should be aware, we have a MyCRM profile on YouTube where we store all of our product videos and demonstrations. This week we uploaded our professional introductory video for MyGEOMap..

You can take a look at our MyGEOMap introductory video on our YouTube channel here: 


We always like to upload a few blogs a week and this week we thought we'd do a blog about MyPDFCreator and MyGEOMap, productivity enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Both blogs have been written by Mike, our Head of Sales here at MyCRM.

Turn on the heat with MyGEOMap, and keep your cool by better managing cases in Dynamics 365  -  Read here

"Turn on the heat.." talks you through working with Cases in CRM. If you're interested in finding out how you can track cases on a world map view, MyGEOMap is the solution and this is the blog you need to read! 

Our second blog is: 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – MyPDFCreator; helping you to keep your cool this summer! - Read here

This blog is another play on this HOT summer! MyPDFCreator is a time-saving productivity enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and you'll kick yourself when you find out how much time it can save you in your working life! This blog talks you through MyPDFCreator and how it can benefit you and your users within CRM. 


Case Study

As well as everything else, we received a case study from one of our Customers - Coffee GmbH which we have now uploaded to our blog for all to read and gain insight into how our products helped them with a problem. Coffee GmbH were struggling with planning and scheduling and found that MyGEOMap would be the solution that could potentially suit their needs. MyGEOMap was successful, and we asked Coffee GmbH to share their feedback with us. Read it here: 

Well that's another week that has flown by and lots has been achieved. We hope you all have a great weekend!


- The MyCRM Team