Get the low-down on MyGEOMap - Day 1: How to manage your Cases on a map


It's a brand new week so we thought we'd share a new blog every day this week to showcase the different features of MyGEOMap for Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

FIRST UP is Managing Cases and how to do this within the MyGEOMap enhancement. This is a great value add for Customer Service team members that manage Cases and also for those Engineers working in the field who are tasked to visit sites. You'll always be able to keep track of everything that goes on!


Heat Map

MyGEOMap allows you see all of your cases on a world map view, but it doesn’t stop there. When managing Cases with MyGEOMap, it gives you the option to work with heat mapping. The heat map allows hot spots to appear where your cases are, the more cases a customer has raised the bigger your hot spot is going to be, this means immediate action should be taken… you don’t want to upset your customer!


Draw Box

MyGEOMap also has the option to use its Draw Box function. You can simply draw round different cases on a map to collate these into a list view. From here you can run various actions from the list, including workflow, reassigning records to another user or team, or passing to the advanced find solution.


Benefits of Managing Cases with MyGEOMap

MyGEOMap provides your organisation with a far greater sense of awareness thanks to being able to visualise cases on a map. It allows users to see how effective their response is, based on being able to see the number of cases and their severity using Heat Mapping Hot Spots.

MyGEOMap enhances day to day productivity, which means less time is wasted searching for records as your Customer Support Teams, Engineers and Sales Account personnel people can quickly identify problems and work together to keep your customer content.


MyGEOMap in action!

See more by watching the demo video below and see how you can manage Cases in MyGEOMap, with the use of professional voiceover the video clearly demonstrate the different functions and benefits you can use to manage Cases in MyGEOMap for Microsoft Dynamics 365.   



Remember, all of our productivity enhancements including MyGEOMap come with a full 14 day trial so you can really understand how MyGEOMap could work for your business. Find the full trial on our Download Centre here: