Get the low-down on MyGEOMap - Day 2: Managing Appointments on a Map



We’re into day 2 of our MyGEOMap blogs this week. Tuesday is all about managing Appointments in MyGEOMap for Microsoft Dynamics 365! Be the organised one in your team!


MyGEOMap allows you to view your CRM appointments by location on a world map view.  This is a great function as it allows team members that work in the field to plan a route to their appointments. It can also tell you which appointments are scheduled for today and which are coming up in the future.


Draw Box

The draw box tool can once again allow you to draw a box around a number of appointments you have and can put these into a list view. From the list view you can run various actions such as workflow, reassign records or pass to the advanced find solution to further query data in CRM.


Setting Appointments

MyGEOMap allows you as a user to only show relevant appointments by the range selected on the list – so this could be “show me appointments for ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘+2 Days’, ‘+3 Days’ etc. This can help if you have a lot of appointments showing on the map.


Benefits of Managing Appointments with MyGEOMap

MyGEOMap enhances your day to day productivity, which means less time is wasted searching for records as your engineers or sales people can quickly open appointments and customer records.  It’s also very simple to use and boosts end user adoption.


Find out more by watching the demo video below and see how you can manage Appointments in MyGEOMap. With the use of professional voiceover, the video clearly demonstrates the different functions and benefits you can use to manage Appointments in MyGEOMap for Microsoft Dynamics 365.    



Remember, all of our productivity enhancements including MyGEOMap come with a full 14 day trial so you can really understand how MyGEOMap could work for your business. Find the full trial on our Download Centre here: