Get the low-down on MyGEOMap - Day 3: Route Planning on a Map within Dynamics 365



We’re half way through our MyGEOMap blogs this week. Wednesday we are dedicating to Route Planning in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the use of MyGEOMap.


The Route planner tool within MyGEOMap allows you to plan a driving route with up to 10 way-points. A way-point can be a manually entered location or an entity pin. This is a great function as it means team members that work in the field can plan their route to appointments without having to leave CRM to use a third party app. It’s definitely a productivity game changer!


MyGEOMap helps users to visualise their appointments on a world map view, those appointments that are highlighted in green are those for today’s date, and those that are coloured grey are future appointments. MyGEOMap helps a user to spot issues within the route, i.e. it would be impossible to have an appointment scheduled for an hour’s time if you had to drive from Southampton to Birmingham.




The route planner tool in MyGEOMap helps by displaying an itinerary showing a view of every appointment scheduled for that day and a step by step route to get to each appointment. It can even give you traffic updates!


Benefits of Route Planning in MyGEOMap

Route planning in MyGEOMap allows users to do this quickly and easily without having to leave Microsoft Dynamics 365. It improves productivity and the overall user experience.  


See more by watching the demo video below and see how you can route plan in MyGEOMap. With the use of professional voiceover, the video clearly demonstrate the different functions and benefits you can use to manage Appointments in MyGEOMap for Microsoft Dynamics 365.   



Remember, all of our productivity enhancements including MyGEOMap come with a full 14 day trial so you can really understand how MyGEOMap can work for your business. Find the full trial on our Download Centre here: