Get the low-down on MyGEOMap - Day 4: Managing Opportunities on a map!


It's officially Day 4 of our MyGEOMap blogs this week, once again this week has flown by! Each day we’re dedicating a blog to the different functions within MyGEOMap and how it can improve productivity in your business. Thursday is dedicated to managing Opportunities.

For management and sales team members that are responsible for sales, MyGEOMap helps to identify where sale opportunities are located on a map. For sales people working in the field, providing visibility of their opportunities by location allows them to also see where they can schedule convenient meetings based on travel routes and distance when visiting potential/existing customer sites.


Heat Map

All Opportunities demand constant engagement and appropriate sales actions, and heat maps can greatly improve this task. Hot spots show up when using MyGEOMap’s Heat map function. With the heat map function, opportunities are counted and the number of opportunities reflected by the size of the hot spot (red dots). 


Location Distance Filters

You can also pin-point Opportunities based on a distance from a certain location. For example, you can use MyGEOMap’s Location Distance filter to search for opportunities within 50 miles of central London. Pretty cool huh!


Draw Box

You can also use the ‘Draw Box’ function to highlight specific areas on a map view to collate the Opportunities into a list. This can be done from either the Pin view or Heat Map view. Once you've drawn a box around the opportunities you wish to concentrate on, Draw box allows you to run different actions from the list view that is provided including workflow, reassigning records to another user or team or passing to the advanced find solution to further query the data in Dynamics 365 and CRM.


Ease of use

It’s very simple to open opportunities records within the map view. Clicking onto an opportunity, a small box appears and from here users can take necessary sales actions to using Dynamics 365 or CRM functionality. It really is that simple! 


MyGEOMap in action!

Below is a demo video of how you can manage opportunities in MyGEOMap with the use of professional voiceover to clearly demonstrate its functions and benefits. 



Remember, all of our productivity enhancements including MyGeoMap come with a full 14 day trial so you can really understand how MyGEOMap could work for your business. Find the full trial on our Download Centre here: