Get the low-down on MyGEOMap - Day 5: The MyGEOMap Round Up!



Last but not least we’re officially into our last MyGEOMap blog of the week. Day 5 is the final overview of MyGEOMap and how all of the different functions we have mentioned fit together to overall enhance the user experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365. We'll take you through the benefits of MyGEOMap. We hope you've enjoyed learning more about MyGEOMap throughout our 5 days of MyGEOMap blogs. Take a look at our video below, it sums up MyGEOMap nicely! Have a great weekend!  

The key Benefits of MyGEOMap

MyGEOMap provides your organisation with a far greater sense of awareness thanks to being able to visualise Dynamics 365 and CRM entities on a map. It allows organisations to see from a geographical and region based perspective, just how wide their Sales, Marketing and Customer services reach is and how it is performing. It also provides a quick an easy way to identify the “Hot Spots” using MyGEOMap’s Heat Mapping functionality. This allows users to recognise and build upon the most potentially lucrative areas for marketing and sales, and what areas present the best prospects to deliver services to.

MyGEOMap enhances day to day productivity, which means less time is wasted searching for records as your users and teams can quickly identify entity types by their location.

MyGEOMap offers a great many other productivity enhancements for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM 2016, delivering an array of key functional areas of improvement, each one delivering a great end user experience through the use of the enhanced data visualisation. MyGEOMap is easy to use and helps to boost Dynamics 365 and CRM end user adoption.


Get a full overview of MyGEOMap by watching the demo video below and see how you it can significantly improve productivity among your team and within your business. With the use of professional voiceover, the video clearly demonstrate the different functions and benefits in MyGEOMap for Microsoft Dynamics 365.   





Remember, all of our productivity enhancements including MyGEOMap come with a full 14 day trial so you can really understand how MyGEOMap could work for your business. Find the full trial on our Download Centre here: