Find out how you can become a CRM expert with MyCRM LEARN for Microsoft Dynamics 365


We’ve got some really exciting news! 


As more and more businesses invest in a CRM system, more and more users are being introduced to the new way of working which means there is a demand for training tools. Of course it is easy once you know, however wouldn’t it be great if there was material you could access whenever you wanted, that could teach you how to do the basic stuff within your Microsoft Dynamics 365?


Well, you’re in luck!


We’ve decided to put our knowledge and expertise together (a combined amount of over 40 years I'll have you know) to make MyCRM LEARN, our brand new library of tutorial videos on YouTube for those who need that extra bit of guidance, with tools to refer to when using their CRM system.

We’ve put our heads together and written a huge list of ‘most asked questions’ when it comes to using basic CRM functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and will be releasing 1 video a week. Our list has grown to over 50 already, so watch this space... or even better, our YouTube channel of course! Don't forget to subscribe!


You can check out our current videos already available at MyCRM LEARN on YouTube here:


As well as our exciting new video content, we'll be holding regular LIVE sessions hosted by our CEO, Alistair Dickinson. Get to know us, up close and personal and find out what MyCRM get up to on a daily basis with an opportunity to ask us any questions.. anything at all :) 


We look forward to hearing your feedback and of course seeing you at our next LIVE broadcast - coming soon! 


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