Discover the Essential Way to Delivering a Customer Database to Smaller Businesses

Hi all  

As some of you will know, myself and MyCRM has been helping smaller businesses for the past 10 years to achieve great things with Customer Relationship Management.

Over the years I have seen many different trends, and currently there seems to be a trend from the main providers to chase the enterprise customer and completely forgo the life blood of the small business community - they are a major part of the economy, and make up several million businesses in the UK alone.

So the team at MyCRM and myself have combined our skills and knowledge to build a ready to go preconfigured Customer Relationship Management solution for the smaller business.

I’m pleased to announce that MyCRM Essentials – Wave 1, is now fully available to new customers and what is more, as a business you no longer need to consider the cost of setup, the cost of loading data, or an investment in training. With this subscription we no longer offer just the software, but a full customer partner experience to help you achieve great customer care and it is all part of the cost-effective subscription price.

MyCRM have been trusted by many small businesses to help drive the implementation of a complete solution over the last decade, and we have prepared an interactive presentation for you here:

We are committed to helping the small business sector with the right solution at the right price. If you would like to know more please email either or our sales team on

Let us help you make a difference and grow your happy customer base with a single solution that is ready to go.


Many thanks