What should you think about when choosing a CRM?

It's almost 2019 and that may mean that you're completely snowed under, or that you're able to rework your business processes, making you more efficient for 2019. Are you thinking about implementing a CRM into your business? It may seem obvious, but choosing a CRM shouldn’t be an easy process. There are many things to think about, and without doing your analysis and investigation you run the risk of investing BIG in something not fit for your company. A CRM needs to slot in with your business, not the other way around! With the help from a few articles and with our personal experience, we want to take you through the important stuff when it comes to choosing your CRM.

Why do you want a CRM system?

Technology for the sake of it isn’t going to add a great deal of value to your business which is why you should ask yourself, why do we need a CRM? If you’re struggling to manage your customers from an Excel spreadsheet, then that may be a valid excuse to invest. This brings forward the next question…

What is your budget for a CRM?

This is where it all boils down because CRM systems are an investment and can become very costly when time is used up or wasted when specifics haven’t been communicated clearly. Once you have come to a conclusion with your CRM provider on what you want, you will need to determine whether your business will want scope for more work, such as adding users or extending the system with additional functionality. At MyCRM for example, we have a handful of add-on enhancements that can be applied at a later date if desired... https://downloads.mycrmgroup.com/

Who will be using the CRM, and how many?

Understanding your potential users of CRM will give you an understanding of what features are going to be needed. For example, for your marketers you will need functions that relate closely to marketing. Remember, if a range of people are going to be using the CRM, simplicity is key.  Knowing how many users is important and knowing this number will give you a head start when talking to your potential CRM provider.

What features does your CRM need to include?

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Appointment tracking
  • Contact management
  • Team calendars

These are just a few of the functions we include and will include in our MyCRM Essentials platform. Knowing what features you need is important, as the basic, low-cost CRM option may not offer the functionality you need to really benefit from your investment. With the provider knowing this beforehand, it means you avoid disappointment and lessen the risk of an inferior CRM system.

All in all, you need to make sure that what you are expecting from your new CRM system is made clear to the providers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of them, or advice on what they would recommend, most providers will want you to get the best from your new system. At MyCRM we want you to succeed and will always offer our advice or make recommendations based on the way your business works. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you kick-start your 2019 business activities with CRM, get in touch: https://www.mycrmgroup.com/contact


From all of us at MyCRM, we hope you have a magical Christmas! 


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