New Year, New Website for MyCRM

We finished 2018 on a high, deciding to give a complete revamp to our old-school looking website realising that it contained a few too many spelling mistakes… The finished product – an up-to-date, consistent and beautifully looking website with everything you would ever need to know about MyCRM, and what we have to offer.



We prioritised the fact that we wanted the new website to be extremely user-friendly, because when it comes to talking about CRM, it can be very confusing and difficult for some and made worse by the techy jargon. We’ve learnt that clarity is key, and we open ourselves up to a world of CRM users (not just the tech-talking ones…). We’re now going into 2019 with a brand new website, ready for all of our new and existing visitors.



Our all new MyCRM Essentials

With the new release of our MyCRM Essentials platform, we have now included its own brand new page on our website. By going to “Delivering CRM” on the top bar, you now get the option to find out more about MyCRM Essentials or CRM Enterprise.


We’ve learnt even with CRM software that it is just as important to display images and screenshots, as everyone wants to see what they could be potentially working with before they can invest. With the MyCRM Essentials’ web page, we’ve included screenshots to show the look and feel of our new MyCRM Essentials platform and what it includes to really make it clear for visitors to our page.


We think that price is important, and one thing we have noticed is that many CRM providers choose not to display their pricing on their website... FYI - no one wants or should have to work for it!! This isn’t how we work so we’ve made sure that it’s 100% clear in terms of how much we charge, in what currency and what it includes. You will find all pricing is displayed on each product page, however anything we may have missed we’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Please go and visit our new website, we would love to hear what you think. Any feedback about where you think we could improve would be much appreciated, however, we do hope that it gives you all the help you need to establish whether we can overall help your business to thrive in 2019!