Helping Small and Micro Businesses Do More with Customer Engagement and CRM

After 20 years of helping deliver a range of different software solutions to both public and private, big and small businesses, I have seen many changes in the CRM market.  Some would argue that CRM no longer exists, and Customer Engagement Platforms are the new in thing. 

The reality is, there are many millions of small businesses and a lot less large or what is deemed as enterprise businesses.  Small and Micro businesses of all types make up 95% of all businesses globally with many not reaching the 1 million turn over level and global economies depend on these types of businesses. In the UK, 50% of private sector employees work for businesses of this type, so having technology solutions to meet the demand of these businesses is an important factor that needs to be considered by any software vendor.

In the early part of my career, CRM systems were mainly designed for mid-market and enterprise businesses due to cost and hardware availability, with the likes of Siebel, Pivotal and Onyx Software being key players.  In the early 2000’s Microsoft brought to market CRM v3 and the landscape began to change. Over the next 10 years implementation of the different versions of CRM, CRM online and in the later part Dynamics 365, had become the main solutions to compete with the likes of and vendors like SugarCRM and vTiger. 

Small and medium sized businesses flocked to Microsoft CRM solutions and a host of Microsoft Partners delivered CRM successfully.  In the past 3 years the move by Microsoft and Salesforce to compete for the enterprise customers with new and enhanced offerings has left a void in appropriate cost-effective solutions for companies that are in the micro, small and mid-market sectors.

In response to widening the void and having little to offer business owners of this size, the team at MyCRM opted to build out the last available version of partner hosted Microsoft Dynamics to offer a vertical business solution known at MyCRM Essentials.  Yesterday our team were tagged into a post on the Forbes website, highlighting that Nimble CRM had signed a Global Distribution Agreement to help bridge this gap.  You can read the full article here:

Obviously, this is great news and we wish the new partnership well, as there is a demand in the market for a range of different offering, and as a partner and technology provider that works predominantly with small and medium sized businesses, it is great to see that this market place has not been left behind!

There are currently many options in the CRM market place, with Nimble and MyCRM Essentials being just two. Our offering has been configured using decades of our combined experience to offer smaller businesses a cost-effective solution. The first release of MyCRM Essentials is also now live with a number of customers moving forward.  We have planned later releases, designed for the typical 10 to 30 employee business, keeping implementation cost to a minimum.  You can find out more about MyCRM essentials here

Software offerings to this market place do come with their own challenges, and partners or technology companies working with small businesses will understand this. One thing is for sure is that it is nothing like delivering large enterprise projects to corporate organisations.

The small and micro business sector needs cost effective solutions with 100% flexibility and no long-term contracts or commitment. These types of demands can put a lot of pressure on vendors who have offerings that predominantly focus on the top part of the market.

We hope to see more focus in the coming years on the small business sector, with easy to implement offerings and cost-effective licencing to help businesses grow, without the burden of high software and implementation costs.

About MyCRM

MyCRM have been delivering solutions to the micro and small business sectors for the last decade and we are one of the first partners to bring extended offerings through our Appstore for CRM customers using Microsoft Dynamics. See here:

In 2009 we launched one of the first managed service offerings in the UK which was an on-demand, platform based on Microsoft CRM v4, which has now become MyCRM Essentials using Microsoft Dynamics 2016.

Our internal implementation and development has continued to grow along with our customer base and you can see what our customers say about their experience of working with us here:

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