CEO of MyCRM, Alistair Dickinson appeared on the Power 365 Show with Mark Smith

Our CEO Alistair Dickinson was recently a guest on the podcast Power 365 Show with Mark Smith, talking about successfully running an ISV.

In the podcast he discusses:

  • Personal, career and business background 
  • Current focus/projects as ISV 
  • Thoughts on outsourced vs in-house staff business model, building a business in a remote island and regenerating the Isle of Wight 
  • Journey to deciding the position that they’re going to take in the market 
  • Thoughts on building what customers want 
  • Dealing with struggles that ISVs have no control over 
  • Most challenging aspects in the first 3 years of starting an ISV and having a bumpy start 
  • Challenges they have had to solve and how the challenges have changed over time in relationship to customer base 
  • Marketing the benefits of their solution so that it attracted customers from around the world 
  • Raising capital and how to go about it when scaling the business 
  • Addressing market segmentation 
  • Microsoft partnership – what it means, dealing with changes, etc. 
  • Software publisher vs ISV 
  • Advice to ISVs and how they should engage with Microsoft 
  • Using the partner list and engaging with the Partner channel 


We won't say too much else, just listen to it for yourself and gain insight in running an ISV. 

Listen to it here