Introducing the Business & Technology Show by MyCRM…

We’ve been cooking up something rather special for the past 5 weeks…

We are all for recognising other businesses around us, either from within the technology space or those who are not. It’s great to celebrate businesses in other industries that are influenced by technology and we’ve decided to dedicate time to do this through our new YouTube channel – The Business & Technology Show, Live by MyCRM.

We’ve been inviting businesses from near and far to come to our Business & Technology studio, to sit and be interviewed live on air on our YouTube channel. We ask viewers to tune in and watch, as well as ask questions throughout the live feed to either the MyCRM team or the interviewee.

It gives both us, and our viewers the chance to get to know the businesses around us – you could call it 24/7 networking as you can access the recording whenever you like. It’s just a quick and easy way for an interviewee to promote their business and answer questions you may not necessarily be asked in a usual networking environment.

Whilst the interview is live, it’s not as daunting as it sounds! The informal interviews tend to last up to an hour but when talking it feels as though it’s only been 15 minutes. All the feedback we’ve had so far describes that after a few minutes you feel as though you’re having a private conversation, that all the cameras have disappeared, and that the hour just flew by.

After the interview is finished, the recorded video is a great example for your business of the confidence you hold as a business owner and the competence of proving the benefits your business can offer – be that B2B or B2C. We also create a 30 second intro video for the interviewee to use, promoting their time on the Business & Technology Show and to share this across their social media.

We of course are constantly on the lookout for new interviewees. It doesn’t matter what you or your business does, we want to hear from you and take part on the show to give you that little bit of recognition and to hopefully bring you more customers! May is currently booked up, but we’re on the hunt for June interviewees!

If you’d like to get in touch and find out more about appearing on the Business & Technology Show, please email:

If, like us, you're interested in linking up with local businesses and even those in the wider community, we'd be so grateful if you could subscribe to our channel. We're uploading videos on a weekly basis and have some cracking content from interviewees we have already had in the studio! 

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